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Looking to remodel, renovate, refurbish, reawaken or restyle the look of your home?  Then have us renovate your place today!

Whether you're adding members to your household, trying to boost your home's resale value or are simply tired of looking at the same wall colors you've had for several years- we'll give your home a fresh, new look!

Below are some renovations tips you MUST know!

Want to make a change with a limited budget?

It doesn't have to cost a fortune to make a big impact. A fresh coat of paint may be all that's necessary to bring your home back to life. How about wallpaper? How about a skim coat to make your walls look brand new?  Our professional paint staff will be happy to provide a free estimate. Call us today!

Having a baby and need more room?

First, congratulations! Now, where's the nursery? Our expert carpenters can reconfigure your apartment by building a wall complete with baseboards, electric, a new door, etc. Voila! 2 rooms from one!

Want to wash that man right out of your hair?

There is only ONE solution. A complete renovation! We do it all! From ripping out and installing your kitchen and bath to the floors he stood on. Pull up that linoleum!

Want to change your wood floor from parquet to planks, ceramic to marble or just stain it with a new color? Need floor repair?Consider it done! Want crown molding and new baseboards? Why not?

How about a walk-in shower with Jacuzzi jets? How about that vanity? Install a new one! Get new lighting, drop the ceiling and add high hats with a heat light. Get a new medicine cabinet, mirror the bathroom, put floor to ceiling tiles, get rid of the sliding bathtub doors already and add a piece of tempered glass or a rimless shower enclosure instead!

Stop huffing over those closet doors falling off the tracks. Shoji screens, louver doors, pocket doors, french doors,  bi-fold to solid core doors,  let's discuss your door options throughout your apartment.

How about a new kitchen countertop? Granite, Casearstone, Quartz? We offer the most contemporary fabrications to choose from.

How about new kitchen cabinets? From stock to custom and everything in between, we'll build and install it. No problem.

Now...let's talk gadgets!

A watched pot never boils! Let us install an Insta-Hot.

Like wine? How about an under-counter wine refrigerator?

Let us do the plumbing required for the ice maker in your new fridge. Install under-counter lighting to complement your new backsplash tiles. Whether small or large- we guarantee a smooth renovation.

What part of the renovation increases home value and could be a deal breaker when selling?

Closet interiors are KING when it comes to selling your home! It's easy, fast and makes a world of difference. Our experienced closet installers will reconfigure, design and install ANY closet with custom finishes.

Selling? What rooms are most scrutinized by a buyer?

Without a doubt it's kitchens and bathrooms. Sometimes all that's needed is a new floor or backsplash tile to brighten up your kitchen. Dingy bathroom? Glazing your tiles and tub will make it look like new!

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